About Depression In United States

Everyone has felt depressed from time to time. A death of close relative, Divorce, Lost job, Serious illness or other life crisis will cause most people to feel sad, lonely or down for a time. A period of grief or sadness is a normal reaction to such stressful events, It is even normal to feel low sometimes for no special reason. However, it also is normal to recover after a short time and feel like yourself again.
When the blues don't goes away - when sad, Lonely, Irritable or weary feelings prevent getting on with life - you, sometimes you know may have the Mood Disorder called DEPRESSION.

A mood disorder is an extreme, persistent disruption of person's usual emotional state.
Depression is a "whole body" illness. One that affects a person's physical health as well as how He or She feels, thinks and behaves towards others. A person who has depression may have problems sleeping, eating, working and getting along with friends.

Depression can cause many different kinds of unhappy feelings. A depressed person may cry all the time, be very fearful, loose self confidence, argue with friends and co-workers. On the other hand, He or She may feel numb; not really sad but not happy either. People who are depressed will often try to self medicate their bad feelings with drugs or alcohol, which only makes matter worse. Alcohol is a Depressant, the last thing a depressed person needs.

Depression can come on suddenly, seemingly for no reason, or be triggered by stressful events. It can also grow slowly over months and years, gradually draining away happiness and hope. It is important for a person who is depressed and his or her family, friends and co-workers, to understand that depression is a disease. A depressed person has not caused these feelings and cannot simply decide to snap out of it and stop being depressed.

Depression is a very common healthy problem and it is frequently misunderstood. People who have this illness often are embarrassed to admit that they are depressed and to seek help from what they may see as a character flaw or weakness. This may be the reason 80% of all people who are depressed never seeks professional help.

Weakness has nothing to do with Depression. Trying to ignore these feelings only gives them time to grow. Depression is a physical disorder that is caused by chemical changes inside the brain. These changes will not go away on their own. Recovery from depression may require Psychotherapy, medication or a combination of both.

Depression is a disabling disease that affects billions people in USA and other developed countries, Men, Women and children regardless of race, Income or family background. It is one of the most common, most dangerous and most treatable of all diseases. Left untreated, depression can destroy families, careers, lives and too often lead to suicide. But there is still reason for HOPE. With proper diagnosis and treatment most people can control their depression  and prevent its unpleasant symptoms from disrupting their daily lives.

It is important to remember that all patients need not experience all the symptoms all the time. Some people who have this disorder experience only a few symptoms, while other may have almost these feelings.

See your doctor if you have any of these symptoms from more than 15 days.

Feeling Sad or Anxious everyday.
Losing interest in activities you once enjoyed including sex.
Loosing weight or gaining weight.
Sleeping too much or too little or waking too early or not getting restful sleep.
Feeling Drained of energy or Physically slowed down.
Feeling tired or weak.
Feeling worthless, guilty or hopeless.
Feeling irritable or restless.
Having trouble concentrating, making decisions or remembering things.
Increased or decreased appetite.
Having headaches, constipation,acidity or pain anywhere in body.
Difficult in starting activity.
Slowed thinking, Crying or feel like crying.
Having repeated thoughts of suicide or death or actually attempting suicide.
Social isolation, lack of confidence.